To Ishmaeel’s next lady

To Ishmaeel’s next lady

To Ishmaeel’s next lady

To the next women who gets to date ishmaeel, all I ask of you is to be patient with him. Understand him, and love him. Be truthful, honest and upfront. Please don’t break his heart, give him all the time attention and sex in the world. But most importantly give him space. When he wants u nothing will distract him.

All I ask is please do not beef with me, please do not dislike me bcz of the things he told you. We didn’t work out but we have a great relationship for our kids, and that’s all I ask of him. He might not be financially dependent but I can call on him for anything else where the kids are concerned in order to be physically available.

Get to know me, understand me, and you will learn a new me. I could’ve message u this directly but decided to do it for the sake of him still deciding which one of you he will choose. His a good man, he will do anything like take u to work fetch you drive you around and etc. Please understand him when his not always available to be out in the open with you, work, sports, kids things take up time. Don’t get upset with him. He will make time for you I promise.

All I want is for him to find love and happiness maybe then he will mature. He has a lot to learn and grow out of old habits but help him guide him and just be good to him.

I’m not the bitter ex.


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