I’ve finally come to my senses

I’ve finally come to my senses

I’ve finally come to my senses

LTME-postDear Miguel

I finally came to my senses and for the last 2 months i stop wasting my tears for you, you’re rarely on my mind. So thank you for showing me what sort of person you really are. We both had our ups and downs we weren’t perfect we made few mistakes fight over any stupid thing i mean that what couples do. But the funny thing about our relationship is we were in a long distant. We hardly knew each other but through days and night of texts we both knew what we both wanted each other we were so in love back then, I’m sad and heartbroken that things have gone differently because of the fight we had and I’m regretting it each and every day as time passes by.

Wow you know how to punish a woman without replying to their messages it’s been 11 month now i just got one message from you on Imesh/Bearshare, I really did love you I’ve loved you with every beat of my heart you were my better half i couldn’t live without. You probably happy in a relationship by now i hope everything works out the best for you. For me I’m taking one step at a time to find me that special one well i met someone we even talk about the future we are in no hurry we just enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks for teaching me the value of love I’m sorry i didn’t compliment you on things you did and I’m sorry i didn’t help you when you needed me the most, You are a wonderful kind loving handsome man I’ve had the privilege to have known and one day any lucky women would be very proud to call you their boyfriend. I don’t hate and regret you but I’m glad that I’ve met you if we ever do cross path one day I would love to give you a great big hug and tell you how sorry i am for what I’ve put you through.

Take care you deserve the best I’m happy where i belong with someone who loves me for being me even though you couldn’t stand me of being angry. But truely Miguel

But truely Miguel i wish you nothing but the best :-)……

From someone you once love but not anymore A


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