You were right

You were right

You were right

LTME-postI miss you when i wake up with no one by my side. I miss you at 10am when I go in to work and I cant text you to wish you a good day. I miss you at 5pm when im on break and I cant call you to hear your voice and talk about how your day is going. I miss you at night when you would visit me and I would hold you in my arms and tell you how much I loved you. I miss you at 3am when I’m drunk and hating life because its easier to drown myself in alcohol than to accept the reality that you’re gone and you wont be back. My mind always goes back to you, wishing that you’d change your mind and you would text me telling me you miss me too. I’d forget everything, i would erase every bad memory, we would start over and I wouldnt mind. But that wont happen. You were right. I’m a fuck up. My future is uncertain. You dont wanna be with someone like that. You needed someone better than me. Its been 6 months since I havent heard from you, I dont know if you met someone else, but I hope you’re happy, you will achieve great things. I loved you… I still love you … and I will love you forever. Im sorry if I wasnt the person you wanted me to be. I disappointed you and I dont blame you for leaving and forgetting me… i would leave me if i could too. I miss you J.

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  1. Sean 7 years ago

    I loved what you wrote ! Is this Julia?. If it is, I miss you more!

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