For Setting Me Free

For Setting Me Free

For Setting Me Free

LTME-postDear M

Hi it’s me K,the girl you left in the middle of the night as she was working a 12 hour shift at night. Your letter you left on the table I read it,I also burned it. You said you loved me yet 2 days later I found out the truth. Your Ex that you said was kicked out of her Fiancee’s house was really your lover on the side. You said “I made you feel guilty.” And maybe that’s true but what you did I cannot forgive you I stayed true while you played around not knowing I knew until I called you out. You said it wasn’t true and that I never believed you? That was a lie I had proof who dates after 2 days after they leave you? You did my dear and I knew the moment I found out that I wasn’t crazy or paranoid.

It took me months to realize that you had abused me and didn’t really love me. I was a doll who’s strings you pulled on till I was tired and fought back. My friends and family said I’m better without you and you know what M their right. I let you go once back in High school you picked to listen to the lies of others not knowing the truth then somehow we got together again.

I regret meeting you again because all you did was try to break me down but I stood tall and fought back. So I want to say thank you for leaving me that night because I grew stronger and learned not to trust another cheating liar.

From Your Ex – K


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