If you are my TP rescuer, can you also rescue my heart?

If you are my TP rescuer, can you also rescue my heart?

If you are my TP rescuer, can you also rescue my heart?

LTME-postI am missing you each day that passes by. You are on my mind every other hour. My heart sinks, ever so heavy.

I wish “kiss it all better” really worked. I wish time machines existed. I wish I wasn’t such an emotional mess.

I remember the way your hair felt when I ran my hands through it. I know the feel of the back of your neck. I recall your kisses, ever so soft and full of warmth. I long to have your hand in mine. I miss your voice and your laughter. I miss that quirky sense of humor you had. I desire those instances where you’d get wrapped up in something and I would secretly watch you from afar, taking everything in. I would quietly observe you while you checked your phone, take an order, stand in line…. I even watched you instead of watching any of our movies, because you were so fucking adorable. I feel empty now that I’ve lost you. I miss our connection and the bond that we shared.

I wanted to show you so many places. I wanted to take you wherever you wanted to go. I wanted to create fond memories. I wanted to be your girl.

It seemed that my transgressions were unrecoverable… I am too scared now. I am stuck and I don’t know how to climb myself out of this one. For now, I’ll be a loser and keep myself confined within my security.

Maybe you’ll show up someday. Maybe never.

I wish I was your matching puzzle piece…

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  1. Mike 1 year ago

    I wish you were Danielle

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