You are a coward

You are a coward

You are a coward

LTME-postTo my ex,

I am much happier without you. And unlike you, I’m not pretending. I’m not forcing it. I am well and truly happy without your burden. We were not in love, we never were. We were rushed and stupid. Merely an afterthought. A mistake. I am upset over how you treated me near the end of our pathetic relationship. I am angry about the way I let you stay with me. I am ashamed that I am admitting this. But most of all, I absolutely pity you for your cowardice. You are a fucking coward. You made me miserable. You made yourself miserable. All to stay in the relationship. You are a coward for never saying you didn’t love me. You are a coward for letting me feel sorry for you and dragging us on. And finally, you are a coward for wasting your time. But mostly my time. Because I am not the problem. I was never the problem. I was never the one who’s feelings had to be handled like a ticking time bomb. Thank god I realised that you didn’t have a backbone. That you didn’t have the guts to say that you were unhappy. You let our unhappiness manifest itself into how we treated each other. And for that, you are a coward. Pathetic. Pitiful. I hope you know that. And I hope you stay in the past. If there is anything good that you have brought me, it is a lesson. To never be with someone like you again.

From, me


  1. Jon 9 months ago

    Dang. Felt like I needed to see this. The shoe fit well.

  2. Pancit 9 months ago

    If you’re Inke… I wanted to marry you- where’s the cowardice in that? And I wasn’t unhappy, I was just always stressed at work.

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