No one deserves a third chance

No one deserves a third chance

No one deserves a third chance

LTME-postDo you remember that day you and I spend together at the waterfall? There we’re so many people around but it felt like it was just the two of us and it was perfect. A guy like myself; i could never have pictured myself in that moment where i had my arm wrapped around you in the glistening water, undoubtedly in love for the very first time in my life.

It’s so surreal how something like this can seem so set and perfect and to have it sink between your fingers, leaving you standing there in disbelief. I loved you, i know i did and i had never felt that way about another girl before. In the beginning I wasn’t attracted to you, but you grew on me, into the most beautiful woman i had ever set my eyes on. I knew nothing about you until you popped up, i wasn’t expecting that. Through the time we spent together i grew to love the sweet, honest and innocent girl you were.

I saw the distance growing between us, i saw the rift. I saw the white lies and the little things you would do consciously and unconsciously to divide us and it hurt to see it happening, but i never once accepted the fact that it would ultimately conclude us, i knew it but i just didn’t look at it. It came to the day where you decided that you had, had enough of me.

Your excuse for leaving me was bullshit, i knew this to begin with but i still acknowledged it. I felt stupid and helpless. I was still in love with you but you revealed that you were never in love with me and that turned my world upside down. After being apart from you i learned all about you from other people the things you had done in the past that you couldn’t be honest about when you were with me. all the people who you spoke to about me, explaining how you never felt the same way, came to me and told me things you said when we were at the beginning of our relationship. i was seriously cut up and i felt stupid. you dug yourself a deep dirty hole with all the lies and things you have done with other men to the point where you couldn’t even tell me about it and even then i would have accepted it all and held you because none of it would have mattered.

Your reason to leave me was blackened two weeks after you left me when you started talking to a new dude, that hurt. It also hurt when you tried talking to one of my best friends. it hurts to see you acting out in a way i never would have expected of you when we were together. Now that you aren’t by my side i have learned, heard and seen of you, being a totally different girl from who i dated.

Who did i even date? I feel so bad for you, i hope you find solace within yourself soon, i hope you find what it is you are looking for and i hope the next guy loves you the same way i loved you, in the way you don’t deserve.

so after a month and a half you decided to come back into my life which leads us to the point we are at now. This is annoying to me more than anything. while i may miss the girl i dated, i certainly don’t miss you. You think that after throwing me out, after the aftermath of our break up doesn’t go in your favor that you can re open the door into my life and come crawling back to me when nobody else wants you.

I’m terribly sorry, no one deserves a THIRD chance

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  1. Thelostspaceman 11 months ago

    Did you end up giving her this letter ?

    I wrote one for mine along with a book of poetry that I wrote for her over the course of our three years to surprise her someday. Now I don’t know if to give it to her. She has someone new in her life and I am lost.

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