LTME postLove is extremely dangerous if used wrong. i used love and now i’m here, alone, upset and worst of all heart broken.

Going from seeing and speaking to someone almost every day for two years to not talking at all is bizarre. I keep looking at my phone, expecting a silly text from you or a notification that you posted something on my facebook wall, like we’ve always done. Every time that I see a blank screen is a disappointment that chips away at my already broken heart.

What i cant get over is that in the course of 8 days of being single you have met with girls and stuck your tongue down one of their throats. drunken night or not. i’m not angry, i’m disappointed.

Im disappointed that these last 2 years were nothing. a complete waste of time. you sat there before me today and bragged about everything to do with the females in your life. this right here shows me you never cared or ever loved me. and i was stupid to think you were different, that you were special. that i meant something to you. i am coming to terms that i am just another stupid bitch on your list. you say you loved me. i call bullshit. Im so angry at myself for being so stupid.

I have blocked you every way i can from contacting me. that was hard. the only question running through my mind now is, how could you? How could you not want me, the person you claim to love the most in the world

I hope you find happiness in your life. Because all I’m finding are reminders of you.

And so I wait (patiently) for the day to come when the mention of your name brings no emotion at all. I know that day will come.


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