Letting go of it all…

Letting go of it all…

Letting go of it all…


I’m writing this to finally let go of the years that we shared and step over this hurdle that I need to put behind me that was us. You have disappointed me to the point that I have no more words for you. Why would you tell me you miss me and try to me plans with me and then when you get caught double dipping say I was just trying to be civil? If I was hurt before I am dying inside now, but I’m going to walk away with my head up.

I tried to be your friend (stupid I know) but you will have to live with this forever I never should have let you so close. I guess I was right and you really didn’t love me. I felt it for at least a year and now you confirmed it. I’m so confused because I am a good judge of character and I completely misjudged you. I would never ever tell you I missed you or the things you said when I saw the picture and confronted you when I was seeing someone else. You have made it very clear that I am not good enough by the actions you have taken and I’m over it that was the last time I allow you to hurt me.

The funny thing is I never thought you would hurt me like that. Part of me wanted to message her and then that good woman in me just told me to throw in the towel and walk away because in the end that ruined any chance we ever had. As for her she set herself up for that by sleeping with you so fast. From the beginning I wanted to run when you told me you were falling in love with me and you stopped me. I’ll be ok though. I hope that you find those feelings with her because to her and everyone else it sure seems like you do have them.

To think that I was so sick over you, my brain was so preoccupied by thoughts of you that I would forget to eat or other stuff and all for nothing. I was a good woman to you and now you will go through life remembering that. You were right when you said that no woman will ever treat you like that again because you don’t want it. One day you will regret the way you treated me and maybe you’ll see this but I will not be talking to you again. Have a nice life and thank you for the good times we enjoyed in the past and thank you for the kindness that you once showed me.





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