You are nothing to me

You are nothing to me

You are nothing to me

I just wanted to let you know that I’m over you. You said to me months ago that you’re the type of guy that people can’t get over. WELL newsflash, today I have realised that a actually you are wrong.

We had some good times and I used to think I would look back at them and smile but now I know that I look back and don’t feel anything. Thinking about you holding me doesn’t make me sad anymore and want you back. It makes me feel ashamed with myself that I let you treat me like that for so long. I was so under your spell and EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNEW told me you were playing me but I wouldn’t listen because things were so different when it was just me and you.

You would tell me one thing one minute and another the next – so inconsistent. You would try and make me feel jealous and guilty.

You completely broke me. I ended up going on tablets for depression and anxiety. I also had a near mental breakdown. I started seeing a councillor because I couldn’t cope with anything. THAT IS NOT ME, I USED TO BE SO STRONG AND YOU BROKE THAT But you don’t care do you? Because it’s all about you. You said that night that I wasn’t losing anything. I now know you were right. You blame me for what happened that night but do you know what? I’m fucking glad I  did it. You deserved to be hurt the way I had been. It was a stupid thing to do but that wasn’t me, I was so screwed up in the head I just knew I needed to do something that I had control over. Everyone agrees and noone thinks I did anything wrong. I spent nights crying and losing control feeling so disgusted but now I think why was I so upset? I went absolutely crazy that week you were away. I look back now and feel embarrassed!

Everyone thinks you are a fucking joke. Seriously, even your cousin and people you think are your friends! Yeah, I’m not even making it up. They think that the things you said and did to me are DISGRACEFUL. And do you know what? They really are! They all hope you fail in life and realise what you’ve done. Oh and they think she is a fucking MUG too. An absolute joke. I always said I wouldn’t ever say anything bad about her and so did everyone else. But I know now that I was like her for some time, you made me a WEAK woman under your grasp thinking I couldn’t cope without you. But I got myself out of it with the help of my amazing friends and family. She is still stuck like that and do you know what? I don’t even feel sorry for her anymore. I used to think that she deserved better than you. But no actually I think you are both pathetic and deserve eachother!  Who will come to your wedding? Oh yeah some of your online friends! Ha ha ha.

I wish you had treated women the way you would have wanted your daughter to be treated.

You make up all this bullshit and YOU KNOW what would have been the right thing to do but you couldn’t follow through could you? You never had any intention of loving me properly. You’ve chosen an easy life. I hope you feel fucking fulfilled and still have your connection! I hope that is still there when you’re 80! HA

You could have had everything with me. I did everything for you and gave myself to you completely. But that one thing holding you back? You tell anyone that and their response? HOW pathetic. Everyone thinks you are a vile human being and I always stuck up for you. But I won’t anymore. You deserve all that you get. You are an immature, pathetic little boy and I hope you spend the rest of your life unhappy. You don’t deserve to be happy.

I nothing you. I don’t even hate you. I certainly don’t love you. And I don’t like you. I feel nothing towards you. I don’t feel sad thinking about you and her. I feel nothing. You cannot control me anymore. I am strong again.

I have got the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for! What have you got? A fucking ‘connection’ with her! GO fuck yourself and her. I couldn’t care less. Oh and good sex can stretch a bad relationship for a looooong time

Oh and btw a guy who is nicer, hotter and a lot more genuine that you is begging me to date him! I said no because I wasn’t over you. But now? Good fucking riddens to you mate, he’s twice the man you’ll ever be.

NEVER contact me again you utter piece of shit. Our friend (well your OLD friend) said to me the other day that they hope your balls fall off and fester! I think thats the best way to leave this don’t you? I nothing you asshole, I really do.


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