Dear John

Dear John

Dear John

After all the blame, all the unreciprocated love, unreturned phone calls and text messages, after all the pain and heartaches, still I will always be the first to smile whenever you’re happy and I’ll be the first to cry when you’re heartbroken. I wish I could stay longer and be with you until you’re feeling alright and ready to love but this doesn’t work anymore.

They say you sing together when you are in love… but if you could only look back even just once, you would know that I have been singing all alone. I know I am going to regret letting you let me go for the rest of my life for I know the first time I saw you, that we can be something… we just had the wrong timing.

This relationship taught me a lot on respect, honesty and the value of true loyalty. I hope you have learned too, its never too late to be truly honest and be completely forgiven. You and the other would sleep more soundly at night because you know you have nothing to hide or to feel guilt for. People who love you will forgive you but people which you love are not meant to be destroyed.

I do not know if this is easy for you, but surely not for me… it is unbearable for me to let few people which I love, leave me, you know. I know we did everything we could. I know you tried too. I hope you find what youre looking for in life. Me too… I know we both will.

Thank you for ending the numbness I had

Though painful, I can now feel again

I am happy

– Jos

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  1. john 7 months ago

    if this is you crystal let it be known i didnt deserve ANYTHING you did to me. I called you texted you and was more than willing to love but know matter how much i tried you just kept pushing me away. you would never help me to make the relationship better. I hope it felt good when you sold me out nov 6 2017. what was it like to get all that hate out? all those years of defining me and putting me in a box as i stared at you like a puppy dog and told you i loved you? i hope it was all worth it. putting me down no matter what good thing i did. it never mattered to you. so drop the passive aggressive bs. you never cared about my happiness at all what you cared about was the past and you made me into a rebound you lowdown sellout

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