Hey xxxxxx,

I know it sounded like I was finished, but It’ll become clear to you that I apparently don’t know the difference between the things that need to be said, versus the things that do no one any good and there is no longer any point saying. (It also goes without saying that this message warrants no response.)

That being said, I was pretty upset and hurt to suddenly hear that you’re leaving, and ultimately, that I’m probably never going to see you again.

I feel like a lot has changed during the time I was gone which I know nothing about.

I know it’s been months, but I was under the impression when I left that we were friends. It’s possible that you were finished with me shortly after I left, were upset at me for leaving, or didn’t care one way or another and subsequently moved on, as would make sense in either scenerio. Whatever the case may be, speculation reaps no rewards. That much is certain.

It’s very likely that I’m the only one even stuck on the fact that we’ll probably never cross paths again, and that’s fair enough. Still, it will take a while to sink in (on my end, anyway) as I was sort of expecting to see you back at xxxx [university] next year.

I know I said “don’t forget me,” when I left back in November, which is a funny thing to ask. I didn’t realize then that we were saying goodbye for good. You hearby have my permission to forget me, (ha) but don’t forget — you can do anything. I’m only disappointed that I won’t be able to watch, and though you’ll never be your perfect, (because no one can) I always thought you were pretty special. And despite all the water under the bridge, and the times things were rough, thank you for being there when you were.

Do your best to get through the tail end of this cold grey winter any way you can; all you can do is your best. I’m sorry things happened this way and I’m sad to see you go, but it’s hopefully onto better things. I meant what I said before. Please do well.

Nothing but positive thoughts and feelings,



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