I tried.

I tried.

I tried.

Understand, it was hard for me to accept that “I’m breaking up with you” text you sent at midnight. Please understand, why I blocked you everywhere except for your phone.

Please understand why I’m so mad, because I’m still broken up.

I hate you, but I want things to be like it was in the summer again, happy and where we would always work things out.

A month has passed and you show no sign of emotion whatsoever, I hate you.

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  1. From me to you 6 years ago

    Now hate isn’t the answer, never is, but when you have such strong emotions for someone who’s ditching you these can flip. You need to realize at some point that even though they left. You’ll be fine and even if it seems on the outside that they’re fine…on the inside they’re crying and overwhelmed. Usually they are just too scared and/or worried to show it.

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