Confession of a Hidden Emotion

Confession of a Hidden Emotion

Confession of a Hidden Emotion

It’s been 4 years since i met you… I didnt expect that i will love you for more than 4 years and yeahh…a until now.. I still love you..

I remember when we were in 1st year.. You’re my seatmate.. Hahahahhahahaha.. And i really was so happy those years but what can i do.. You love someone and i cant force you loving me for a reason..

We graduated and i thought that my love for you will be gone but it’s not… Im not obsessed maybe im just dying attracted to you…

Thanks..for being my inspiration…

Thanks for making me realize that im a human too for making me jealous all the time..

You’ve changed a lot.the way you socialize with the people and the way you wear gets awesome…

Whether i like it or not..i have yo move on even though you were never be mine..

Im looking forward to see you again..


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