My awesome new life (happiness post breakup)

My awesome new life (happiness post breakup)

My awesome new life (happiness post breakup)

My awesome new life, what can I say about it… It seem like its been a year since the last time I saw you (About 3 months ago) you don’t answer my emails, or texts. So last saturday when I sent you the “I miss you, hope everything is going well…” I truly was wishing it, and I was trying to see how you are, once again you decided just to disappear from the earth and forgot to bring me with you in the way.

MY awesome new life is now not talking to you, not knowing about you, pretending I don’t care anymore, and basically fighting every single second about the fact my heart can’t stop thinking about you and my head trying to convince my heart I don’t need you anymore.

It basically consists in a major number of Tinder dates, yes I am using Tinder, how much more pathetic imagine I am currently feeling? Remember how I used to make fun of the people who uses those kinds of dating sites and apps. Well hello I am B and I am swallowing my words, I bet you are feeling a bit bit bit happy cause you were right again (as usual).

Well, what can I say… that is my new awesome life without you on it. FUCKING CRAZY, actually I have been testing my own limits, I want to know how far I am willing to go for chasing my goals. Far now, it is scary!! I can go way much more far that what I thought I could, It is really scary.

I also discover an amazing self confidence I´ve never felt before…I knew I was attractive, but now I feel more attractive than ever, seems like a lot of guys likes me and the always tell me I am to sexy, fit and fun. I like hearing that, so my self stem just increased TONS, adding the fact I have been working out harder than ever.

Yeah, at the beginning I was doing it of you to see me sexy, for you to love my body and for you to be proud of having an awesome hot girlfriend. But I discovered in my new awesome life, I am doing it for me, I want to be fit, I love myself when I look at the mirror, I love guys tell me how I work out, I love the confidence ive gained when I stop thinking about you and start thinking selfishly about me.

This new life is awesome, this morning I visit you shelf, yeah, the shelf where I put all the stuff that reminds me to you and all the gifts you gave me are now in the personal cementary I have in my closet where all my  ex´s stuff are left.

Well M* now I finally hit rock button, you are not coming back, I won’t talk to you ever again, I would love to but as you are totally ignoring me and avoiding me as if I was the bad ass of the story… whatever, now in tho new awesome life of mine, you don’t belong anymore. Thanks for participating MPC I don’t wish you bad, but I certainly do not wish you the best. Be happy, smile and please please please SHOWER !



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