First loves don’t last

First loves don’t last

First loves don’t last

Dear John,

I fell for you so fast. Our friends told me I was crazy for liking you as much as I did. I remember our long, deep conversations that kept us up until three in the morning and the next morning at school we both looked dead from lack of sleep. I remember the sweet moments we shared when baking in the kitchen and you kissed me while I washed the dishes. I also remember how I begged you to spend time with me as our relationship grew older and you cancelled on me so many times. My friends all told me to break up with you for it, but I loved you so much that I made excuses for you. I protected you from being hurt in every way. You told me about your trust issues, so I tried so hard to make you trust me. I gave everything to you, my whole heart. But I now realize that you never really cared about me. It was always about you. You lied when you told me you loved me. How do I know that? Because when you love someone, you don’t hurt them like that. You don’t break up after one fight when all I wanted was you to try harder. When you love someone, you fight to keep them in your life. And now you see me with this new guy. And he does everything I wish you had done. It breaks my heart because he isn’t you, but I want him to be. Why does it always seem that you want what you can’t have? This guy treats me so much better than you treated me. He puts me before himself, unlike you, but I would still take back your selfish ass any day and that’s what’s hard. Why can’t I just let you go? You don’t care any more. Neither should I.

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  1. Jon 9 years ago

    Glad I’m not the new guy :-/. Does he know all this?

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