LTME postThat night we were standing outside in the parking lot few feet away from his car, hugging super tight, our eyelashes brushing each others eyes, and well, that moment we were suppose to be kissing, but instead, I held his lips in my mouth and didn’t let go. After letting go of his lips and not him, I rested my head on his shoulder and said, “..please don’t go” and he didn’t say a single word, smiles and hugged me super tight. That moment I knew, he didn’t wanted to leave either, but we felt helpless due to some consequences. While he was leaving, we looked into each others eyes and frankly speaking, that night we felt something real.

I still remember his last few words before our break up, “You can break up with me, but I’m not breaking up with you”. I broke up with him even though I never wanted to, but I had to, for my family. We both regret starting something we wanted to finish, but couldn’t.

Unfortunately, it was too late for us to realize.

Our seven years of friendship and few months of relationship was and still is extremely special for me. I honestly wanted to thank him for what he’d done in the past for me. I wish him well and I’ll never forget the memories we made. I hope he finds the woman who’ll keep him merry and I’m sure he will. He’s quite lovable. Haha (:

With love,
Your ex-gf
💋 June 20th, 2015 💋


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