I miss you, Squishy

I miss you, Squishy

I miss you, Squishy

LTME postSquishy,
It’s been 5 years. 5 years since I completely vanished. By now you probably don’t even remember who I am and I cannot blame you.
Ha, but I miss you. I miss your laughter and the hugs. And the promise of never being together but as friends. Then, I was a teenager who wanted you or nothing else. I lied over and over again, and I could not ever be truthful to you. It has now come to my understanding, that maybe you just wanted me to be real instead of fake. Be honest instead of lie, but I hated to hurt you and when I continuously did, I realized you were not the one who hurt me, but I hurt you.
I’m sorry…

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  1. AZ 8 years ago

    …is this you R?

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