It’s over, but hear me out…

It’s over, but hear me out…

It’s over, but hear me out…

LTME postDear the person that used to take my breath away,

It’s been a while since we’ve last talked and we definitely didn’t leave it on good terms. But hear me out.. I spent years of my life on you. Supporting you, treating you right, giving you what you wanted, loving you unconditionally. And I truly never gave up until about a year ago. Let me explain how I feel/felt in the nicest way possible.

You used my body, my mind, and my soul. You took my heart right out of my chest and ripped it to pieces. You fucked my best friend. Multiple times. You made me feel so small and so hurt. You betrayed me at times, and you felt bad BECAUSE YOU KNEW HOW MUCH YOU HURT ME. You ruined my life. I’ll never forgive you, ever. I suppose I got my revenge though. I found somebody new, and he treats me nothing like you did. He respects me and treats me the way I should be treated. I’m not sorry for the things that I did because shit, neither are you! Ha! And you thought you had me wrapped around your finger, boy were you mistaken!

Anyways, I hope you meet somebody that ruins your life. Just so you may feel how you once made me feel. And I hope she rips your heart out. And I hope for some reason you come crawling back, so I can laugh in your face. You little puke.

With love,
MC 💞

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  1. Eddie 7 years ago

    You are not really over him yet. The fact that you have wasted your time still wishing of him to meet someone who shall ruin his life is an indication. But it is ok. You are entitled of the pain. Feel it. But dont let your newly found someone notice it. Dont hurt him.

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