I hate you because I don’t

I hate you because I don’t

I hate you because I don’t

LTME postDear Eric,

Fuck you for my first thanksgiving alone in 8 years. I decided to go to the gym early today to clear my head bc u fucked me up so bad. I worked out and when I left there was the car I went with u to buy. Fuck you u piece of shit. I hope karma bites ur dick off

The last time we spoke in the gym u told me the next time we’d meet we’d be on different levels… I guess ur dumbass is so insecure u had to say that shit to me. Guess what I’m not the dumb fuck who keeps failing his boards. What is it now 8 times? The fuck kinda podiatrist are u. Guess what I know?!? U failed and that’s why ur still an ass.. Istant. Good for fucking you bc I would’ve stood by ur side as I always had but u don’t want me in ur life now. I was convenient. You string me along for eight years to fuck me over. I don’t get a ring! I get a I’m tired and done on the phone… Whyyyyy?!!?

Bc I went back to school to follow my dream. It was my turn and ur midget ass ego couldn’t handle it

Guess the fuck what now

Next time u see me motherfucker!

Its Dr David to u

Fuck u

Karma get this bitch
He deserves it a thousand fold

And everytime u fail and u can’t progress I want u know I never wanted that for u but u deserve every bit of it

Bc I wanted to end my life for u… Imagine all the sacrifices I did for five years waiting for u

U told to grow up! Next time ur world gets turned upside down

I hope the same for u asshole

Fuck u! Fuck u for parking next to me in the gym to pour salt on my wounds

Fuck u for proving everyone right about u that ur an asshole who didn’t treat me the way I deserved to be treated

I hope u fail forever and u want to end ur life so then u have a sliver of what these seven months without u has been.. Hell


  1. chloe 5 years ago

    its okay i love you get over him and you will feel better. you can email me anytime okay <3

    • Diane 5 years ago

      Thank you Chloe! It’s so hard to get over him because I loved him for so long and I wanted a future with him. He wouldn’t even talk to me anymore. He just dropped his bomb and shut me out.

      I had finals and missed his brothers wedding. In all the 8 years that’s what made him leave. I’m so angry hurt lost and frustrated.

      I want to be with him. I don’t think what I did was worth my pain.

      • Ghost 5 years ago

        Sounds like an excuse to me. Then again, it seems like weddings cause a lot of break ups. Maybe it’s the atmosphere, and promises of “forever” that make people reevaluate their partner.
        It won’t come fast, and may be harder than you like at times, but you’ll get sort of numb to the person’s existence after a while.
        Whether you choose to get into something new is up to you, though I would advise against it if you’re not healed yet.

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