Letter from the one you didn’t choose

Letter from the one you didn’t choose

Letter from the one you didn’t choose

LTME postWe’ve been talking on and off for a year. I think I have become the get back girl, which doesn’t make sense really because I was with you first. All that matters is you’re with her now and I hope that’s how it stays, if you come back now I’ll come running back to you. No matter how many times I say I won’t, I will. I guess that’s what someone gets for being weak. I never wanted it to end like this, but you’re no good for me anymore. I fell in love with who you used to be, but I can’t seem the love the new person you’ve become. I can’t love the person who chooses to love someone else time and time again. The love I had for you, it wasn’t physical at all, I didn’t need that. All I needed was you, and your funny, goofy, outgoing personality, your presence was just fine for me. I guess you couldn’t see that because it seems now that all you need is her.

yours truly,
The Other Woman

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  1. s 9 years ago

    I was the other woman too. I used to come running back when he clicked his fingers. Eventually i was so hurt and weak i knew either way it hurts. So eventually i let him go. I was in more pain being in a toxic relationship and second best.
    Almost 2 years later i feel fine without him. Trust me when i say this time is a healer! But are you willing to let this person go and hurt for a while till things get better? Or will you continue to run back and still hurt either way.

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