I’ll Get Through This

I’ll Get Through This

I’ll Get Through This

LTME postRach,
It pains me to write this the night of you basically telling me things are over. How does one move on from what feels like their first real heartbreak? I had feelings for you for so long, only to get you, and then lose you almost immediately. To be honest, i don’t think I’ve ever developed feelings for someone like this before. It’s as if a thin thread slipped through my fingers. I can’t say I’m not sad, or that it won’t take time for me to move on and heal, cause it will. I’ll go into work, hiding my sadness and pain behind a smile on my face at the sight of you. I guess part of me wishes that our ages were closer so maybe there would have been a chance at this, but at the same time, maybe fate has a different plan for me and you. You’re gonna find someone that makes you so happy someday, and cures you from your previous heartbreak and hurt soul, even if that someone isn’t me. And he’s going to be such a lucky guy to have someone as amazing as you. I don’t regret anything from this past month, and i’ll always care about you. So much. I can only hope that in time, our friendship can return to normal and i can overlook my past feelings for you. I had dreamed for so long to take a beautiful girl to the Riverwalk and have the perfect night, and this holiday season, that was you. I couldn’t be happier that it was you. Thank you. For everything.

Best Wishes,


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