Do you ever?

Do you ever?

Do you ever?

LTME postHey there,

So its been about a year now that you and I have been broken up – its a long time, think. But what I wonder is whether ever, even for a second I sill cross your mind? I know you have someone new, do you already love her, maybe more than you ever loved me?

Do you tell her you’re over me (are you?), do you tell her sex meant nothing with me and everything with her? Or has my name never even crossed your lips since we stopped going out?

You see 5 years together is half a decade it is a long time for people to be in each other’s lives. And then one day to just stop seeing one another. I must say I feel like you took the end of us rather well…having a new girlfriend only a few months later. I know we really sucked at being together the last few months, but angel did you love me? Did you mean the things you said. Do you still love me? Would you drop everything to be with me? Am I your one and only?

And I know I probably sound crazy and I know you are supposed to move on – but I wish you didn’t have to – at least not as quickly.

So sweetheart tell me, do you feeling a connection when you touch her, was everything with me just dull in comparison. Are you having the time of your life – without me?

But darling tell me, honestly do you ever miss my company, do you ever miss holding? Or am I just a distant memory by now?

Cause let me tell you, I can’t stop thinking of you – of us. And missing the way it used to be, missing being your one and only. I bet you call her baby now and I bet you have forgotten all about me.

I hope one day I won’t miss you as much as I do now. I hope one day I will find a love that makes ours look like child’s play. I hope one day I will forget about you.


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