Still heartbroken

Still heartbroken

Still heartbroken

LTME postMy dear Ex,

It’s been a while that we didn’t heard each other, it’s been a while since your last call or message. I just want to know why cause you know our story is a bit complicated. For all of you reading this I just want to explain the situation.
We were together for three years, he left the country I waited for him, he returned telling everyone that we are engaged and again he left and I had to heard form the other he went back to his son and wife. World fall into my head I was terrified how he did this to me for a short period of time that he was out of country he did this to me. Anyway days passed ,months and he returned and asked me to forgive him cause he know he hurts me .I said yes but I loved him he was my FIRST LOVE.
After ten years we met again. I’m married ,he is married but the flame inside me for him was still fresh When I talked with him I felt like I was 18 again and like the world stopped than .He was very careful with me now after ten years, we talked on phone for hours about everything lifework and how life would have been if we were still together. I realize that I still love him, but fairytale is over soon cause he returned to his family and I had mine to take care but we still kept in touch by phone. I tried to help him to support him financially and in a moment he didn’t need any financial support from me he stopped calling .He forgot me and I still love him .I wish I can forget my FIRST LOVE that broke my heart not once…


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