LTME posthey ry.
I know you don’t even know this website exists. but I just feel like letting it all out.
my family and friends would hate me if I tried to tell then I still loved you and that I miss you.
you ruined me in ways nobody should be able to experience.
I spent 3 years with you and everything I do and everywhere I go reminds me of you.
we’ve been separated for only a short time of almost 3 months. I was only 14 when I met you. and I swear you had the biggest impact of my life. you were my first real relationship.
you and I did everything together and my mind won’t let me forget any of those memories.
now that I finally brought my self to leave you , I don’t want you back. I don’t miss you as in I need you to come back into my life.
I just miss the memoris and all th good times we shared.
we had some beautiful memories and goals we wanted to share together. but I was never the only one. you always had someone else under your belt , I guess I wasn’t ever good enough for you. you would always tell then how beautiful and amazing they were and would only appreciate me when I wasn’t clothed..
you would lie to me and I would know you were lying. the biggest mistake I made was making it clear to you that after everything you did I would stay. I eventually got fed up with it and realized I needed better.

not a day goes by where you don’t cross my mind and make my heart fall into the ground. I really do hope you are doing great. I know you seem happy. you’ve moved on already and some day I will be able to also. but this is closure to me. this letter probably doesn’t mean shit to you. and that’s alright.

I love you and always will.
on to better things for the both of us. 💜


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