LTME postHe doesn’t look at me the way he used to
He doesn’t touch me the same
He kisses me differently
The way he speaks to me haunts me
Each word is like tiny needles slowly touching my vein
The tip on the sharp metal cuts my vein and my dark red blood is pouring out of my chest
Pouring out like how my heart did for you just for you to stay
As you stayed just a slightest touch of your skin against mine I I’d get butterflies
Your kisses god your kisses I love so much , your full lips against mine as I move my hand against your scruffy facial hair .
But I know you were losing touch with me , losing the sight of our love .
As I noticed I poured more of myself towards you
You were slipping away from my finger tips
You didn’t want me to hold on anymore .
You’ve said things I would’ve never thought you’d say just so I can let go
I let go .
Yet I’m still holding on
I can’t unlove you .
But you fell out of love with me .


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