Day 2. I still think you are a piece of shit.

Day 2. I still think you are a piece of shit.

Day 2. I still think you are a piece of shit.

LTME-postYesterday I wrote really angrily and I said really mean and rude things to you. I do not regret it though, I still think you are an asshole and a piece of shit. I blocked you on my phone almost 2 weeks ago and I still havent heard back from you (email) and I unblocked you this morning and you havent written to me. I do regret blocking you cause I wont ever know if you really ignored and didnt read my last text. I will never know unless I write to you which I wont cause once again you are a piece of shit… (funny I keep writting piss of shit lol- well u are both-) I just cant believe I was with you, you were never my type and now I felt in love with you and as hard as I try I still miss you, not as much as other times when we stopped talking.

I feel like I am a drug addict and this is the 12 step process. you scumbag piece of shit. wow I wish I could have said that to you in person, when you were all over all the office girls you asshole.

I am so angry with myself, I cant find myself to forgive you and move on, why would you have to be such a selfish little prick you man whore? Wish you didnt have that nice body.

I hate you and I hope one day I can be as indifferent as a cat is to his 90y/o owner.

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