Honesty and Love is all I asked of YOU!!

Honesty and Love is all I asked of YOU!!

Honesty and Love is all I asked of YOU!!

LTME-postHonesty and Love
Loyalty and Trust?
You didn’t play me..you played yourself..
When you lie you deceive yourself..
That’s what you did for 5 years Lie..about everything..everyone..every situation.. And every girl you met..
Yea stupid.. WAS ME..now stupid is YOU!
If she knows you as good as I do…
It’s because she only knows the person you created for her to believe.
You can’t keep Lying..
You can’t keep cheating..
You can’t keep manipulating women..
You can’t keep hiding the truth no matter what.
It will always come out …
I’m not better than you..I became smarter..
I’m not stupid anymore..I became wiser..
You use females for financial gain..
You act like you care and love them to get what you want or need..
You play different roles and characters..
You cheated on me with her…than you cheat on her with me…and you call it love
You are Fake..Coward and all BS..
You can’t see it…Cuzz you play up to people…but you can’t hide forever the truth of who you really are…
I know who you are..the inside and outside..I know your evil part and your good part…and I also know that Karmas a Bee..and What goes around comes around..and soon or later when you say I LOVE YOU!!
That’s when you will realize…
You don’t know shit about Love…
The same way you played hearts..its gonna
Be 100 times played back to you..
No love lost..
What I thought was love..was just an act
From a clown who creeps downtown.. With her…she don’t wanna be known..
Too Late;!!!
Can’t keep big secrets like that in our part of the jungle..
Respect is earned not given..
You not even close to getting mines…
You probably never will..
Just waiting for Your turn…
So maybe compassion will be clear to you..
I feel sad for you..not hate
Just sorrow..



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