LTME-postWhy is this happening? We started out in a long distance relationship, we both should’ve thought about the consequences. We couldn’t have known for sure if you would be able to move closer. How would we know that? We were so naive. So foolish. So unexperienced. But so in love. I love you more than anything in this world, and you mean absolutely everything to me.

We realized at the same exact time that our future was looking pretty iffy because you were moving further away for work. While that’s totally acceptable and understandable, why am I not enough for you to want to stay together? I know that you love me more than anything, and you know that I’m head over heels for you. So why? Why can’t we at least try? Why am I not good enough? Why aren’t you more willing to try this? Why are you so scared? Why would you rather let me go when you don’t even want to? I can tell you don’t want to, we still haven’t stopped talking.

It has literally been a day that we have been broken up, and we still talk like normal. The difference is that we are both hurting tremendously. So why? Why are we going through this? We could make this work if we really wanted to. But you know what, you are the one that isn’t as emotionally and mentally strong as I am. Now I can’t say for sure that I am stronger than you, but that’s what it seems like. I like a man who is emotionally stable and independent, why can’t that be you? I want you to want me more than anything. I want you to want to fight for me no matter what. That’s what I’ve been doing for you. Haven’t you realized that? To my family- to my parents. I’ve stood up for you and had your back when they questioned everything. You know it was more complicated on my side, you know I had a hard time with my parents. What was all that for? I can’t say it was a waste, it definitely wasn’t. I’ve learned SO much and so have my parents which is really important. But how could I love someone else like I love you? Why should I have to?

Why can’t you want me the way I want you? Why do I feel less loved? Why?

Why can’t we make this work?

Why is this happening? I just want to know why. You wanted to marry me. You wanted to grow old with me. You wanted to share my pain, my joy, my tears, my everything. What happened to all that? Where did it go? I’m sorry for anything I did to make you feel less than what you are- which is perfect. You are absolutely perfect to me and I would fight for you, but I need all of you- not just half of you. I’m sorry for being selfish with you, or for making you feel like this break up is your fault. I’m bitter and I’m being petty, so I’m sorry. I’m just heartbroken.

I just wish you the best. You deserve the best, and then some. I want you to have everything happy that life has to offer. I hope you one day find the perfect girl and happily grow old with her. Even thought I swear I will probably always imagine myself by your side. I’ll always love you. Always and forever.

I love you.


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