Thinking of you…

Thinking of you…

Thinking of you…

LTME-postWhere do I begin? Our story is something for a teenage romance novel, and it is still not done…

It all began over 15 years ago, I saw your face and I needed to meet you and I knew I had to keep chasing you until we were together. Started as harmless church group friends with trips to Florida and just hanging out as friends.
Then I drew my courage up to ask you to my junior prom, which I slowly saw more of a loving side and showed interest in me. Memorial day weekend away will always sit in my heart, we grew so much closer emotionally then I expected. I still get butterflies thinking of that weekend and how we were able to learn so much more of each other. You made me see your funny and charming personality that made me fall in love with you. I really didn’t think you were going to treat me right, so I kept my heart hidden from you. I didn’t want to give my heart out again after I had it completely smashed to bits before. You slowly showed me, in so many ways that you wanted me for me, not just a fling. I didn’t want to believe it, I didn’t think guys were actually nice to girls and all they wanted was to get some and move on.
You brought me a single rose when I was at work, you would call me just to say you were thinking of me, you made your way into my heart slowly but surely. I loved your family and friends, everything just felt right.
We stood in my kitchen when you told me that you were going away for school and that you actually wanted to try and make it work as a long distance relationship – I was surprised! I thought ‘Why would this guy like me that much?’
I was driving home when your friend called to tell me that you were in love with me, I remember the exact spot I was at that moment. I went to pick you up on Parker Rd., drunk as a skunk after a baseball game and you were being so cute and made me so happy. I can’t even tell you how happy I was to hear you say that you loved me. You may have needed a little boost from the alcohol though.

That summer was full of new experiences and new feelings. I was so happy to share them with you, you were my best friend and a wonderful boyfriend.

Then school was starting for you – I was able to drive you out to school and spend the weekend with you which was so memorable, physically and emotionally.
I can still remember driving into town on that first night thinking, ‘I love this town’!, still feels like it was just last month.
But the inevitable had to happen, I had to go back home and leave you at school 3 hours away. Internet was just sprouting up, so we were able to communicate sporadically. I remember the emails you sent me and the phone calls pouring your heart out to me, I just couldn’t get over how much you showed me you loved me?! I remember calls after a night of drinking expressing and crying how much you missed me, I felt so bad, but really touched that you thought of me like that. I remember many nights just talking about stuff for hours on the phone.
Which I wonder, have you showed anyone else that much love since me? Do you treat your wife like you did me – with a loving and open heart? I have not found anyone else who has done that to me, not even my own husband. That is the reason why that your love sticks out in my thoughts daily.

to be continued…


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