End of summer romance

End of summer romance

End of summer romance

LTME-postHey Ian,

Can you remember the last time we were truly happy together? I can. Remember that night we went to dinner and walked around by the river afterwards? For me, that was the last day we were both happy to be spending time with each other, that was the last time I felt like our relationship would go the distance. Some people may think it’s silly to have grown so attached after only dating for two months. I wonder now if we even really got to know each other well in such a short time? I guess it doesn’t make much of a difference now, we are over. Also, time is irrelevant for me. In the short time that you were part of my life I got to know you, we would practically talk all day via text messages. I missed you when you were gone for two weeks for vacation, but we still talked throughout the day so I know that you were interested in me. It seems like that interest began slowly fading 3 weeks ago. It was after going to the balloon races that things changed. I’ll still wonder if it was something I did wrong, even if you say that this break up didn’t happen because of anything that I did wrong. We just weren’t compatible enough, or maybe both of our lives have too much going on college-wise right now. Either way, we weren’t working anymore. I’m sorry I wasn’t more affectionate and caring. I’m sorry I wasn’t the best girlfriend I could have been.
I’m thankful you came into my life, even if it was for a short period of time. I will always care about you and I wish you happiness and love.


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