I regret us.

I regret us.

I regret us.

LTME-postSo, after nearly four years you go all distant around the same time you meet this other girl, although you deny everything, and now you’re with her the second you dump me? Is that all I’m worth?
You blamed me being a vegan and you blamed it not working in the future, but all you really wanted was to be with someone else. Why couldn’t you tell instead of being the worthless coward you are?
I used to think you were the most loyal person ever. How wrong I was, how I misjudged you.
How you denied everything whilst claiming to still love and at the same time being with her without me knowing.
I regret everything.
I regret that you were my first boyfriend, my first kiss, my first everything.
I regret letting you in.
Don’t worry though, because while your playing happy families and going to conventions, i’ll find someone amazing, and have an amazing life. I’ll find someone who won’t treat me like that after 4 years and dump me via facebook messenger.

Have a nice life wanker.


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