It’s been three months

It’s been three months

It’s been three months

LTME-postIt’s been 3 months but you are probably all smiles. You distanced from me and I sensed it. Behind your last kiss at the Northwood Hills tube station and your smiles, I knew that there was something wrong. Behind you words , “Take care!” I knew we would not see each other again. You knew I would not put up with you going to Jamaica without even having the decency to phone me and let me know. You had planned your trip ages before that day or it would have cost you an arm and a left. You always called me strategic but you were the master manipulator. That was yet another one of your lies.

I didn’t change my number. I lied. I still had hope that you would be man enough to be honest but that was not to be.

I thought that you were turning a new leaf and that we could finally be together properly but who was I kidding? Ever the same Michael. The Michael who I wasted my love on for he never loved me back. I wish you the best with whoever he or she is. I am not staying in London any more. You got your wish. You used me for your own needs and now I will be gone forever. I am not crying for you any more just as you do not cry for me. You are not worth it. I hope with my whole heart that karma crushes you very badly for how you behaved towards me.


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