Bad timing

Bad timing

Bad timing

LTME-postDear Charlie,

It’s been so many months since we last talked. I still think about you all the time. The way I felt when I was with you. You were always supportive of my happiness. Now I am left with memories, both bad and good. I’ve never hated time as much as when I met you. The timing was never right. I knew we connected in so many ways. It’s something I’ve never had w/anyone and I fear I will never have again.

I miss you but I know if I love you I must let you go to be happy. I hope that you are. As selfish as it seems, I hope you think of me and miss me. I walk through the streets of NY hoping I would bump into you. To see that smile again. Its funny, sometimes I see someone that might look like you and I lose my breath…scared it might be you and praying it is you. To my disappointment, it’s never you. I want to hear your voice again, feel your touch and be in your arms. I miss you!!! 🙁


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