LTME-posthow are you supposed to face them? or hear their voice? the person you loved so much for so long. and then watching them walk away from you. after every promise. every secret. every kiss. every time you bared your soul to them. they walked away. so easily. like you meant nothing. absolutely nothing. it destroys you. to put it simply. getting up everyday trying to put a smile on your beautiful face. trying to make it by. in those moments they tell you they don’t love you anymore. you can feel your mind freeze over. your heart stops. you can feel your body die inside. the promises. there like glass. and once there shattered you feel pain. real pain. it’s hard to eat. hard to sleep. hard to even talk to people. nobody understands you. you feel alone. and you hurt. that hurt pushes people to lengths they thought they’d never go. you feel like you will love them forever, and maybe you will. but you have to open yourself to find love again. because you will. not matter how broken you are. don’t let one person destroy your whole being as a person. ever. you’ll be okay. just maybe not today. but you will find love again my friend.
-Kali Addison


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