That’s it, I love you

That’s it, I love you

That’s it, I love you


Dear mr marine
You are now a ex of mine in my mind. I miss our late night talks but you know what I don’t miss you callling my worthless and saying I’m going no where. I hope your happy with your “ fiancé“ yes. I know there were two of us… have you told her? I guess its none of my business and it’s never going to be my business. But I am NOT no side hoe. And I’m glad I never told you how I felt. I’m free. I’m getting a promotion… not bragging but I’m going to be at the top of my career. Also I know know you were Insecure about me making more money and paying for things because you wanted to be the macho man you thought you were but you are nothing but a leaching cow who doesn’t deserve no one. I guess I should look at the positives. You got me back to church where I have two callings one helping people every week and the other running it thank you for the good memories and no thank you for the bad ones


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