Thank you for setting me free

Thank you for setting me free

Thank you for setting me free

LTME-postDear You,
Thank you for the last three years
Thank you for teaching me what love is
Thank you for standing by me through some really pivotal points in my life

Sorry for who I turned into
Sorry I’m no longer the confident, fun and full of life girl you fell for
Sorry that I no longer found the dance floor fun
And that social events started to make me nervous

But thank you for walking away, when I know it was the hardest thing for you to do
Thank you for giving me space to heal
In those lonely moments I realised that I wasn’t happy with who I became
I was no longer taking on life, I was no longer living, I just planned and unrealistic and unattainable timetabled my life
But let me tell you, it wasn’t you that turned me into someone I didn’t like looking at in mirror

Now, months on
I’m that girl again
I’m happy
Im courageous
I’m the first one out on the dance floor and the last one to leave
And I’m about in embark on a trip around the world with no ticket home

For that I want to thank you
Thank you for setting me free
Thank you for making me find me again

I still believe that you and me are meant to be
But just not right now
So you be free
And just know, I’ll always love you


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