I screwed up so much

I screwed up so much

I screwed up so much


It’s been quite a while now since we’ve separated. But I still think of you every single day. I know you’ve moved on and you’re enjoying your life right now. I just can’t help it to still see you everyday and not being able to talk to you like how we would everyday. It was like a drug addiction after we stopped talking. And even till now, I still crave for that drug of wanting to speak to you. Wondering how you’ve been and what have you been up to. I screwed up so much in the past getting it from you and now I knew that I shouldn’t have fallen in so hard. If only I was more opened about my feelings and my heart to you then. We could’ve build a life together right now. We could’ve still been together. But because of my patheticness of holding in so much had lead me to lose you in the end. I think about how desperate I’m in need to go back and fix that mistake but we can only learn from it and move forward now. You probably forgot about me but I will never forget you. The only person who was actually there and your light was the only light that shined into my dark world taking away the moon and showing me the sun. Thank you, Anthony Gonzalez. I love you so much and to the end, I always will.


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