LTME-postAndy all I want to say is thank you,

Andy 20 years have passed by since the last time we spoke over the phone and I told you I was getting married and I do not want to spend another year without telling you, thank you.

We met when I was 17 and you were 21, I was innocent, inexperienced, naive and with many dreams.
You were my first love for 5 years, I do not know if you ever noticed, but I silently accepted your crumbs of time without saying anything, until I realized that I deserved more, much more. That I needed to learn to love myself unconditionally before I could love another person, that the love you give is the love you receive. And sometimes that love is not reciprocated to the same extent. And you must be strong and learn to walk away and not conform to less than the love you deserve
Many years have passed and the reason I say thank you is because after looking back, and becoming aware of the lives style of several of my friends, I realized that I could have ended up with a baby or a TSD and it was not like that, and for that I thank you very much.
Thank you, because now that I am a mother, I realize that my experience with you taught me how to guide my daughters better so that they would not make the same mistakes I did.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy life with a wife and children.


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