Thanks for everything and thanks for nothing

Thanks for everything and thanks for nothing

Thanks for everything and thanks for nothing

LTME-postTo be honest, I am kind of glad that we don’t talk anymore, ’cause I would not hide the discomfort and you know that.
You did not help me at all.
I thought you would be the one that heals me but in the end you just broke my heart, you were toxic. You bullied me. And even proclaimed yourself my friend.
Remember that day when we stayed up chatting till 5AM? I felt sorry for you. I understand your pain. Your depression, your inferiority crisis, loneliness… Things I’ve been through as well.
I thought we could be good buddies or even more than just it.
But, I’m glad things did not work.
I would be unhappy beside you.
If in this “friendship” you’ve shown signs of toxicity, it would be chaotic if we were dating. And that’s what people thought about us. We were not dating, just hanging out, but you seemed to mind it a lot. I told you: “Relax, we are not dating. Right? So, there’s nothing to fear if I hold your hand just to go up this hill faster.”

You hurt me a lot.
First, on that day when you compared me to children. I thought I was not interesting anymore, the man I once liked is gone. I guess you should not have moved back to your parents house, you could stay in your previous town even after graduating. I guess we were not meant to meet at all. And, that scarf I was wearing on that day, was handmade by my aunt. Sentimental value, do you even know what is it? you did it on purpose.
Look at you, posing formal and smart, thanks to your zodiac sign Virgo. It was all about you and your ego. You just wanted someone to be your stepping stone.
At the wedding party, I thought you changed but you were just playing nice again because my mom is your BFF.
I feel so sorry that my niece saw us as a couple and wished we would get married. She is just a little girl and already falling for your charms, will you delude her? You better not!

That’s all.
We are finished.

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  1. King dote 2 years ago

    I so love this write up it makes lots of sense to me it describes just I and my ex

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