I wasn’t ready for you and now I’m paying for it

I wasn’t ready for you and now I’m paying for it

I wasn’t ready for you and now I’m paying for it

LTME-postI hate my impatience, I hate my trust issues, and I kind of just hate myself in general right now. I found someone amazing that I fell in love with, you, and I wasn’t emotionally ready for it. I still had some recovery and self-healing to go through. It was not fair to you, it wasn’t your responsibility to help me out through anything, and I was cruel.

I am paying for it. I think about you constantly and miss you a great deal much. I grieve still. But I think you’re better off without me. I discarded your number and deleted everything just to prevent myself from contacting you again and hurting you more. I know you despise me, I despise myself.

I had to get this out of my system.

I hope you are doing well. I really do. I apologize for my transgressions.


  1. MaybeImRightAboutWhoYouAre 1 year ago

    Despise you. Nah. I know you were/are dealing with alot, and I understand where the feeling of a need for an expedited timeline comes from. I truly do. I hope your doing great. Miss you everyday.

  2. NotSoBlandPotato 12 months ago

    Wish I’d had the sense to say this to my ex months ago when I still had some way of reaching her. What little you do say sounds very familiar. I’ve been where you are and it does suck, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll never find love again. Stay strong.

  3. DontGiveUp144 12 months ago

    I love you. Lets find a way. I cannot imagine a life without the both of you 🙁

  4. Best Apology is changed behavior 11 months ago

    you don’t find love. love finds you. people who discard real love when it finds them do deserve a second chance to be grateful for what they had and return the love and fix things. You would be foolish not to run back to the love that found you. You will search for that person in everyone you are with. One love, one life.

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