Letting go and healing

Letting go and healing

Letting go and healing

LTME-postDear ex,

I am writing this because I have something I want to let go , I want this old hurt out of my body and spirit. Our relationship was going through a lot at some point and it caused a deep strain. We started to drift apart and I started to sense that there was someone else. We broke up. Then a little while after one day after visiting a family member, I got off the bus near the local hotel near my house and spotted your car. Granted ; you use to go there way before me and you were involved or even met but still it was too close. I felt horrible , and saw that my worst fear was true even though we had broken up. I was already mentally and emotionally drained from the relationship. I didn’t have any energy left anymore to even confront you. I called once and you didn’t pick up. So I left home and decided to wait to confront you when you came you see me. After a week or so we spoke at my house and I asked you straight up if there was any one else and ask you to look me in the eyes and you responded quickly that no there wasn’t anyone. I knew you wouldn’t tell me and that you would lie to me. I didnt say anything else. I felt so hurt but I didn’t have the energy and will to take the confrontation further. I know that you were dealing with the grief of losing you sister and was angry at life and the world , you were lost in your pain and became bitter and the fact that you were younger and immature didn’t help. But it still hurt me and I have also lied to you and hurt you but never cheated on you. Here I will confess that girl you cheated on me with actively pursued me when we were together she contacted me through your phone and let me hear what you guys were talking about but that didn’t work out because you didn’t say anything, she went out of her way with her friend to make me find out about you guys to intentionally hurt me. As woman it’s sad to see other woman do this to others, and I am angry that she did that , I am angry that you did that to me. Because even though I am not perfect, again I say I have never cheated on you when we together. I never entertained anyone even after we broke up. But today here I let this negativity go , out of my system , out of my life , I do not hate you. I wish you the best still and see you as human that makes mistakes like me , and May karma deal with that girl . I let this unresolved pain , resentment , anger , fear , bitterness go. I welcome positivity , health , healing , forgiveness, joy, love , inner peace , prosperity and happiness into my life. Thank you for all the lessons ! Blessings . – M


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