How could you

How could you

How could you

LTME-postDear kevvy
I just want to start by Asking how did it come to this ? How has it come to acting like I don’t exist when we have a baby together ? We was so Exicted when we found out I was pregnant wondering what she will look like choosing names yes I was horrible when I was pregant we decided to give us a break. You went to vegas and came back a new boy you said u cared for me and wanted to be there for me but changed. Then you tell me in argument that u have a new girlfriend I was 7 months pregnant with your baby ! Yes I flipped and said some mean things but you hurt me and lied to me u said u loved me and then got a new chick but u promised me that u would put our baby above her what a lie that turned out to be. U broke me. When our beautiful little girl was born u hardly saw I flipped out at u and said some things but can mate you was never there. When our daughter got to hospital at a month on oxygen and food tube where was u? Oh ye u was working and u wouldn’t even come see her after work that’s when I knew u was no good! U blocked me from everything I have to go through your family sometimes I think you don’t understand the hurt your doing. Do you think it’s right what u have done? Your family and my family blame the new girl. I don’t I blame u! U say you care for her but u don’t answer this how can u say u love our daughter but hardly see her ? How can u stop speaking to your dad because he wenT to OUR daughter christening while u went on holiday with your girlfriend. U have broken all these promises you have made to me I feel like you are taking it on. Our daughter why ? Why do you hate me so much? When alls I tried to do was love you? Do u hate me because I won’t let you control me ? Why because your not use to getting your way? Why do you blame for your family fallouts shouldn’t u be looking in the mirror and see what you have done wrong! I accept all my faults but can you accept yours to be the man you promised u would be? My family say I’m stupid for giving you chance after chance to see our little girl! I understand them because they can see The pain you have caused me crying myself to sleep at night over the pain of you being a bad dad while your sleeping soundly. Even though after everything u have done to me and hurt me with your words I still love you and can’t stop thinking about you I just hope I will get over it one day because I know that i deserves better. I think the reason i still think about u is I do everything for our child and it’s feels like everything going wrong for me while your loving life and only seeing our daughter once a week how is it fair that you seem to be ok and having good things happen to you with no worries? While I stress over the slightest thing regarding our daughter.
I guess I just don’t understand how u say u don’t know me when we have a child made out of love. I don’t care anymore about us I guess I just want our child to know mummy and daddy don’t hate each other buT u don’t wanna know me or fix things and settle our differences now u got a girl.

I just hope one day you realise the only girl who will love you despite your floors is our little girl she’s loves you so much and I hope you can see that
I can’t say at the end I wish u well. Alls I can say is i wish you grow up


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