I’m in love and you’re in Australia :/

I’m in love and you’re in Australia :/

I’m in love and you’re in Australia :/


We had so much fun, but it’s time to say goodbye, except I won’t see you in the halls anymore, I won’t sneak a glance at you at temple, no more nothing. You’re moving to mars. I love you, all of you, and I want to let you know that you’re special and if you be the best you could be you’ll do just fine in Sydney. Keep on being smart, witty, adorable, and intelligent. That’s you. Stay you, but I hope you mature, even if we never meet again.
I hope you’re happy wherever you may roam, from DC to Italy, St. Louis to Sydney, etc. My heart follows you. I will never let up on you, no matter what we go through, I’ll always have open arms, and be ready to ruffle your hair and give you a kiss on the cheek. Even when we were thousands of miles away from each other, I still wanted to fix things. No matter how far away you fit me perfectly. It’s different now.

I love you Matthew, I’ll see you again someday. If not, till death do us part.



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