Letter to Joseph

Letter to Joseph

Letter to Joseph

I loved everything about you. Your name was so pure, your eyes were the prettiest eyes I had ever seen. Your hair was always so gorgeous and well kept. 6’2 height would get me every time. I loved your flawless skin and perfect nose. Your teeth were perfectly straight and white. Your lips were so yummy and kissable. You always dressed so nice and classy. My most favorite thing about you were your arms, they were so big and held me so tight.

I never felt such feeling of security by anyone so soon. I had never seen anyone so perfect. I only knew you for a month, but I was falling in love so quickly. You told me all the things I wanted to hear. You recommend getting a job closer to my job so we could be closer. You loved the fact that I was Italian and that I was so pure. I felt so loved, happy and beautiful, I hadn’t felt that way in months if not years.

I’m sorry that you felt I was trying to change you. I have to get over a lot of my own toxic traits from my previous relationship, like being so judgmental, not being patients enough, it would drive anyone away… But you were so perfect in my eyes, no-one compares to you. It was only a month, but I feel like I will carry this hurt with me for a long time. You had your flaws too, everything in your life was up in the air, career, money, living, no long term relationships, fragile. But I overlooked it all, I felt that we could grow together and create such a loving connection.

I miss you every day since you have been gone. My friends and family are tired of me talking about you. We never even dated but I feel like that is the worst pain of it all. Like what could we have been? I was so exited to introduce you to my friends, you all would have gotten along so well. I miss you Joe. Please come back to me. No-one compares to you. I haven’t had this type of connection with anyone in so long. Im so scared I will never find it again. I already reached out to you once, it didn’t end well. You took me off of social media. Please Joe, I can be better.


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