Until now

LTME-postThe first day we started talking to each other was on the internet. After how many days of talking ONLY in the internet, we started talking to each other personally. As I talk to you, my heart keeps on pounding. I felt really happy. After how many days, I finally realized I have fallen for you. Fortunately you were the same too. We were MU after then. While we chat or talk we have developed feelings for each other. You started calling me in VC and I start answering your calls. Everyday my heart keeps finding you. One day, October 20,2016 the exact date we were together. We decided to keep it as a secret relationship. There is no day that we don’t talk to each other. Thinking of you makes me crazy already. Loving you was fun even if it was only a secret. December 19,2016 you told me you couldn’t be online for how many days because you are going to Cebu. December 20,2016 the saddest day of my life in 2016. You left me. You said you need to leave me since you have a friend who doesn’t want us to be together. You left me curious and dumbfounded. You didn’t know how much you hurt me that time. You’re selfish you left me sad while yu were only thinking of what will happen to you if you leave me. I cried and cried. Not chatting with you. I thought you were the one. But You weren’t. After you left me, we stayed as friends. We still chatted each other but AS FRIENDS. Until you stopped chatying with me and left me again even if I was just a friend. I knew you were graduating. But I knew you loved HER. It is okay for me. I congratulated you during your graduation, I greeted you in your birthday. But for me even if just one like sticker none, you never ever greeted me in my birthday. One day, you chatted and I felt really nervous. I thought we would finally talk to each other after you chatted so I replied really quick. I thought you wanted to ask how am I doing, but you just asked for the question which isn’t related to me. Until this day, i’m still hoping that you will talk to me again. Until now I kept imagining you being here with me. Until now I still loved you but I guess you don’t. Until now.


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