Our kid

LTME-postUm….well hear it goes. I’m sorry that u couldn’t trust me I guess its my fault if I would have told u sooner maybe u would believe he raped me but no u think I wanted it but I was so scared to tell u but when he left state I felt safe enugh to tell u what happened and u tried to forget it ever happend turns out it didn’t work out so well for us in the end I wish I would have told u I was pregnant with your kid then maybe just maybe u would have tried harder to make it work between us but after we broke up I decided I would give him up for adoptin he had your bright blue eyes when I saw him i didnt wanna give him up but I knew i had to cuz I was only 15 and I needed to do what was best for him and when I found out was when i started asking u what u would name a baby girl or boy if we ever had a kid his parents said I can go see him whenever I want but he well just grow up to think I’m his aunt not mother they really are great people his name is jack and he’s 1 now


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