Forget me

Forget me

Forget me

LTME-postWhen i was younger i always hated the phrase forgive and forget.
I thought forgiveness was fine
It says a lot about a person who is able to forgive.
But you should never forget what harms people did to you.
Now i know better
Now i know i need to forgive all you couldnt be
But i need to forget everything else
Everyday i forget
just how warm it was in your arms
How sweet and soft your lips were when we kissed
How you held me when i cried
And kissed me when i stopped
I need to forgive you when you made me promised not to leave you
And forget that i made that promise
And remember i cant make you love me, you can’t even make you love me
But i need to forget the taste of laughter that came from you
And the way you looked at me
And feel of your hands in mine
And the smell of your clothes
And sound of “i love you”
I need to forget just how sweet it was
How warm it was
I have to
because if i dont, if i cant
Then how will i stop wanting it back
How will i forget how to love you?

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  1. Mimi 3 years ago

    How could you forget someone that really matters to you most? The one whom you fought for even if you always knew that it’s “you and him against the world”. The one who means the most and everything to you. And the one who became not just a person, but a world in your life. I always ask myself where and how will I start? If my only happiness is found only at the word HIM. 🙁 So how? :'(

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