All my love

All my love

All my love

Dear Soph,

I wish I would taken my time when we first started talking. I was hurt by my past way more than I ever let on and I wasn’t completely ready to start all over again. I took this chance because I thought if I said no at that moment, I’d never know if you could be the one. I took a risk knowing I was heartbroken and risked getting my heart broken all over again, but I should’ve been honest with you from the start and I’m so sorry for that. I always looked forward to texting you from morning to night. A day we wouldn’t text, my day was incomplete.

Something in me always reminds me of the day when we first kissed. You made me feel beautiful. You made me feel wanted and you made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. Your kisses were sweet and your arms felt like home.

Sadly, I was going through personal, family problems that I didn’t talk about. Until this day, I’m going through personal problems and you started going through personal problems as well. I was afraid. I was insecure. I trust you with all my heart, I just didn’t trust the universe because previously the best moments were always taken from me and I was afraid to see anybody around you and I’m sorry I came out that way. I tried my best, but seeing how wonderful of a girl you were, any girl could had easily fallen for you like the way I did. And I was just terrified. Sadly, I failed to realize at the end you always chose me and only wanted me.

If I had one last wish, it would be to be wrapped around your arms. It’s too early to tell, there’s still some hope in me that we get back together. Everything happens for a reason, and what’s meant to be will find its way. I wish I could have acted differently. I don’t want to take you as a lesson learned, I’d like to still believe you’re the one for me. But only time will tell. You were the right person who came in the wrong time. You were my only exception. I hope we can meet again, I can’t say goodbye. I’ll just see you later. I miss you so much. I still have a little hope.


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