I can’t love you no more

I can’t love you no more

I can’t love you no more

Dear Juan, 
There are so many things I wish I could tell you and let out, but I can’t. We’re just two people who know each other now. Since I cant say it to you i’ll just write it on here.

I want to say that the first breakup hurt really bad and the second time was even worse, but the second time we hated each other, you talked about me in ways I never imagined you would do, and that obviously hurt me so I said stuff I didn’t mean back.

Months passed since we’ve talked and I thought I was okay with everything, well I made myself believe I was but I wasn’t, I just hid everything inside. Then one day all of a sudden you apologize and I was shocked and confused because I couldn’t trust you after all the things you said before, but we talked and I forgave you and we were on good terms and okay.

Then the more I thought about the apology and you the more I realized i’m still not over you, that I’m still in love with you, a part of me wanted to tell you and another part of me didn’t want to tell you and at the end of the day i’m glad I didn’t because that day I wanted to tell you, you told me you were still in love with your other ex and that your sorry for all the fighting we went through. I didn’t feel sad or hurt or anything, I was okay because that was a sign for me that it’s okay to move on and that all the stuff we went through were lessons I grow from.

I feel we both had our downfalls from our relationship but later on we grew from it. But yes I am still in love with you and I can’t tell you and it sucks so bad, but i’m talking to this really great guy now, who I know is a person who will treat me right. At the end of the day we all have to make sacrifices for the people we love to be happy.

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  1. Juan 3 months ago

    Well Victoria now i know.

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